How We Got Started

Mom is a Stay-at-home wife and Dad is an Airplane Mechanic.  This started as a mom's hobby for her and the kids making all kinds of costumes for the little ones.  She had been in the industry before and had a thing for leggings. There could not be any better way of combining her two passions.  Dad on the other hand has some extremely good selling skills and it's definitely a go-getter no help asked kinda guy.  Putting both of our abilities was a no brainier to form this new age Mom-n-Pop's store.  We started in early 2015 and have seen our little home-based company growing at a rapid pace.  Because of this we decided to go full throttle with the idea making it a full time adventure making the best tights, shorts and now sports-bras in the market and to be found on the web.